June 15, 2022

How Bunq Increased Their Conversion Rate by 3000% By Switching to Webflow

Bunq is an international fintech company with a European banking license operating in 30 European countries. Switching to Webflow was a key decision that helped their conversion rate and landing page views increase tenfold.

Bunq is an international fintech company with a European banking license operating in 30  European countries and over 250 employees. Bunq recently rebranded its entire company which included a vigorous website revamp. After extensive research on potential website-building platforms and product demos, they decided that Webflow was the best suitable option as Bunq valued control and didn't want over-dependence on developers.

“We really wanted a CMS that was the least developer dependent, and with Webflow, we’ve completely removed a step from our workflows and cut time-to-launch in half”. - Giulio Sotgiu, senior designer and website owner of Bunq. 

After assessing many potential options to switch and migrate their website too, they ultimately decided to opt for Webflow due to the nature of the flexibility, and customization. At first, Webflow can be a little tricky to navigate but after studying the webflow university coursework, it only took a few weeks before they were comfortable with the platform and were able to migrate the entire site quickly.  “After you start using Webflow and you establish a solid level of experience, you can’t work without it, ”said Giulio. 

Life at Bunq before switching to Webflow included constant heavy coding, no flexibility, and manual site changes, however, after switching to Weblow they were more agile, edits were done quickly and they were able to create a comprehensive plan page that included four banking plans available to users which drove significant revenue. After migrating, the team saw conversions on the page jump from 0.12% to 3.35%, and page views are up a whopping 168%

Read the full article here: https://webflow.com/customers/bunq

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